Using the Drawing Tools - Part 2

Point To Point Tool Example

The point to point line tool gives you the same options as the pencil tool, but included with the line to line tool is the ability to choose dashed or dotted lines, while still being able to control the weight and color of these lines as well. This tool can be used for creating straight lines, it works by clicking down at the start of the line and dragging the cursor to the ending point of that line section and releasing the mouse button. Repeat this process to create another line. This tool is excellent for creating long continuous lines like power line clearings or property borders.

Editor Page

Eraser Tool
Eraser Tool Example

The eraser tool may the most valuable tool in the panel, it allows for quick cleanup of unintended lines or markings created by the pencil and the point to point tools. Using the eraser will only remove these items, text and images are not effected by the eraser As mentioned earlier, the property image can not be erased or altered in any way. A control slider is available to change the diameter of the eraser to fit the area you are working with.

The eraser works smoothly to help remove any lines created with the pencil or point to point tool.

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