Using the Images Tool

Images Tool Panel

The images tool offers the ability to choose from a variety of stock images that you can add. The images to choose from include game animals, stands, and directional’s. Simply scroll down the window and choose one that fits your needs.

Images can be used to mark areas of high game traffic or to show areas where a gate or bridge may be in the woods. Stands or blinds can also be added.

  • Image Added

  • Selected Image

    Selected image is highlighted.

When an image is selected, the border becomes red to let you know which image you have selected. After the you like is selected, it is placed onto the page inside of a boundary box. The image boundary box lets you rotate, scale or stretch the image just the way you need it to fit on the page.
  • Image Boundry Box

    The boundary box showing the working points.

  • Boundry Box Rotation

    Clicking outside the corner working points controls rotation.

  • Boundry Box Scaled

    Clicking on the corner working working points controls stretch.

  • Boundry Box Stretched

    The side and top working points controls skew.

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