Positioning, Scaling & Refining

At the bottom of the Image Editor you will see a set of tools used to manipulate the position, scale, and state of the image being worked on. Included in this set of tools you will find the SEND IMAGE button, after you have completed editing, this will send your draft to our artists.
Image Adjustment Tools

Non-Active Hand Tool

Active Hand Tool

The first tool at the bottom is the photo grab hand. The hand will allow you to move the photo around inside of the working window. To use simply click and hold the mouse, the image will then move when you move your mouse. When you have the image adjusted the way you like, release the mouse and the image stays in place, ready to continue editing. When the hand grab tool is not in use the icon color is white, when the tool is in use the icon will turn red. This is important to remember, if the hand grab tool is red, this will effect the use of any other tool. Make sure the hand grab tool is white to allow the use of other editing tools.

The photo zoom tool increases and decreases the overall scale of the photo.
Photo Zoom Tool

Undo-Redo Tool

The UNDO/REDO feature allows the user to step backwards or forwards in the order that the image has been edited. Let’s say you are trying to draw a red line and notice that the color is blue, simply hit the UNDO button and you will go backward one step in your editing process. The same is true for the REDO button, but this will send you forward one step in your editing process.

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