Wall Mounted Aerial Property Maps

The Indoorsman - Custom Aerial Property Map

Our maps are custom-designed to your specifications. The Indoorman Custom Aerial Property Map is a high-quality print of your property suitable to display on your wall. Due to the costs of production, in order to purchase an Indoorsman print you must first buy either a 24" x 36" or a 36" x 48" Outdoorman print and then you can order as many prints as you like from the Indoorsman line.


  • High-Quality Glossy Paper
  • Suitable for Framing
  • Intended for Indoor Use
  • Keep One in Your Truck!
48" x 92" $300.00
36" x 48" $200.00
24" x 36" $100.00
18" x 24" $50.00
12" x 18" $25.00

Framed Indoorsman of RiverBend 2011
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    The Outdoorsman

    The foam board is completely waterproof and does not contain any paper. The map itself is printed on vinyl...not paper. After printing, the map is mounted on a very durable, waterproof foam board and is...

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    Order a great-looking aerial map of your hunting property of farm today! Our maps are custom-designed to your specifications. Whether your need a functional sign-in board for your hunting club or a ...

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    The Indoorsman

    The equipment that actually prints the map is capable of printing “photo-quality” prints. A close look at one of our maps will show shadows of individual trees and even tractor tire marks in food plots...

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